Her Hand Forced, Napolitano Changes Tune on Out-of-State, International Student Enrollment

For years, I’ve opposed the inherent unfairness of large numbers of out-of-state and international students filling university seats that should go to local kids whose families have subsidized those colleges. The problem of out-of-state and overseas students has been particularly acute in California, and has recently become the target of increasing and properly directed criticism.

Ohio State Slasher Attended Land-Grant University (!)

Justin Morrill’s land-grant university system is off course.

California Taxpayers Fight Back against In-State University Tuition Subsidies to Aliens

California’s taxpayers have long been frustrated by the multi-millions of dollars in entitlements that the state government provides year after year to illegal immigrants. A few weeks ago one of those disgruntled taxpayers, Earl De Vries, brought a lawsuit against the University of California’s Board of Regents in which he claimed that giving in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants at all University of California schools violates federal law.

As Terry Anderson Would Have Asked His Radio Audience: ‘Are You Mad’ Yet?

Years ago, I was speaking with my friend Terry Anderson, who hosted a popular Los Angeles-based, Sunday night radio show that dealt exclusively with illegal immigration. “If you ain’t mad, you ain’t paying attention” was his tagline. Watch Terry’s two-part interview with CAPS here and here.

Immigrants Still Generally Lag in Education

Immigration advocates recently trumpeted a report from the Pew Hispanic Center that the educational attainments of legal immigrants, at all levels of schooling, have greatly increased since 1970. In 2013 the percentage of newly arrived immigrants with post-graduate degrees (18 percent) significantly exceeded the number of native-born Americans with this level of education (11 percent).

Recycling Is Great; What about Fewer People?

University of Pacific, in Stockton, CA, has come up with a novel idea to support environmental sustainability.