On Memorial Day, Praying that Immigration Lobby Honors, Respects Vets’ Sacrifices

During the more than 20 years that I taught English as a Second Language in California’s San Joaquin Valley, I made a special point to explain to my students the significance of some major national holidays. While most understood Thanksgiving and Christmas, few knew who America honors on Memorial Day – the women and men who perished in the countless U.S. wars over the decades to preserve the rights and freedoms that drew my immigrant class to America.

Feds Funding Deported Illegal Immigrants Living Back Home

For Americans who understandably can’t make heads or tails out of U.S. immigration policy, here’s another head scratcher. The United States is doling out $50,000 intended to help out deported Salvadorian aliens living back home in El Salvador.

On Veterans Day: Defeating Amnesty Would Help Vets Land Jobs

With Robert McDonald’s appointment four months ago as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, our nation’s military may finally be on their way to getting the medical treatment that they’ve earned and deserve.

Illegal Aliens Receive Quality Care while our Veterans Suffer

Numerous news reports recently have highlighted deaths suffered at Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals.

CAPS Ads Urge Jeff Denham to Help Returning Veterans Find Jobs

U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham (CA-10) recently announced that the Congressional Veteran Jobs Caucus, which he co-chairs, has introduced the United We Stand to Hire Veterans Act. Along with U.S.

Nov. 11: Honoring American WWII Veterans

Uncle GusYesterday I learned that the last of my father’s siblings had died this month. Uncle Gus was one of six children – all except one emigrated to the United States from Greece. Reading the obituary, I learned he was a U.S. Army veteran who had earned six bronze battle stars (the things one doesn’t know about one’s family, certainly when ties haven’t been maintained).

Returning Veterans’ Challenges More Overwhelming than Previously Estimated

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has taken an aggressive pro-active stance in an effort to help returning veterans find jobs. In its Memorial Day television ad, CAPS underlined the plight of jobless veterans and pointed out that although American service men and women are having trouble finding gainful employment, many illegal aliens don’t face similar challenges. (Watch the ad here.)

The Ultimate Disgrace: No Jobs for Returning Vets; New Immigrants Flood Market

Memorial Day is a good time to consider the ongoing plight of our returning American veterans. While too many of their fellow soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice, those fortunate enough to survive now come home to not only post-war traumatic stress syndrome but also sustained high unemployment.

Hire Vets (Or Any American!); No to Aliens

As incredible as it is, the federal government prefers that recently arrived immigrants (and 8 million illegal aliens in non-farm jobs) be first in line for employment ahead of returning war veterans.