Silicon Valley Systematically Shutting Out American Minorities

unemployment line
Report: In tech, Blacks, Latinos, Women under-employed.

Gilroy, Calif., Garlic Growers Get Wise to Ending Labor Shortages: Pay Workers More!

When I lived in California’s San Joaquin Valley, I made a point to attend as many of the state’s summer fairs and festivals as I could. One favorite was the Gilroy Garlic Festival traditionally held in late July. The two-hour drive from Lodi was well worth the chance to walk down Gourmet Alley and eat garlic fries or even garlic ice cream, tastier than you may think.

New Bill from Sens. Cotton and Purdue Would End Chain Migration, Diversity Visa Lottery

On February 7, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Sonny Perdue (R-GA) introduced a bill which, if it becomes law, would fulfill one of the solutions advocated by Californians for Population Stabilizations to cut back soaring population growth and reduce over-immigration.

Time for American Youth to Pursue the Mexican Dream?

Every chance I get, I repeat to my 19-year-old college sophomore granddaughter and my 17-year-old high school senior grandson that they can’t waste a minute in their goal to bulk up their employment resumes.

51 Percent of All Immigrant Households (Legal & Illegal) Use Public Assistance

Households headed by immigrants (legal and illegal) use welfare at a significantly higher rate than households headed by native-born Americans. This was the finding of a recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) which analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

If Immigration Makes Us Rich, Then Where’s the Prosperity?

Immigration advocates never tire of telling us that immigration brings economic prosperity. And to back up their claim, they have stables of economists who offer studies with ingenious explanations as to why this is so.

Open Borders Is Neither Moral Nor Practical

“Open borders” is the agenda of many mass immigration promoters. The idea is that anyone from abroad who wants to cross our border and settle in the United States should have the right to do so. But aside from zany libertarians, most of these advocates don’t explicitly endorse what they believe because they know how preposterous it sounds to most people. Sometimes they are globalists who are advancing political and economic goals at odds with the interests of most of their fellow citizens – thus the need to conceal their aims.

Party Elites Wage War on Wages

Democrats charge that Republicans are waging a “War on Women.” Surely that is an overstatement crafted for partisan advantage. But the elites of both parties most definitely are waging a war against average citizens of both genders, and that is the War on Wages.