Driving on Earth Day? Good Luck with the Traffic

For the millions of Californians worried about the state’s unsustainable population growth, the latest INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard report analyzes the problem of too many people in an everyday context – gridlock.

Feds Funding Deported Illegal Immigrants Living Back Home

For Americans who understandably can’t make heads or tails out of U.S. immigration policy, here’s another head scratcher. The United States is doling out $50,000 intended to help out deported Salvadorian aliens living back home in El Salvador.

America’s Garbage-Waste Conundrum

One look across the American landscape depresses anyone who cares about the beauty of the land. Every highway features paper cups, wrappers, bottles, cans and pizza cardboard. You see wrecked trailer homes, tractors and abandoned cars all over the American countryside. Every rest stop features more junk thrown out by thoughtless people.

More Waste: California Office of New Americans

California State Senator Ricardo Lara, who last year reintroduced the Health Care for All Act that would allow the state’s estimated 2.5 million illegal aliens access to comprehensive health care, is also promoting another costly idea that would further soak taxpayers.