Ocean is Doing Just Fine, thank you – for Algae and Jellyfish, that is

For centuries, humanity has treated the seemingly infinite oceans of our planet with utter abandon, that is to say, with extreme carelessness and callousness. We assumed that their vast size and unfathomable bulk meant the seas could absorb or shrug off essentially any and every unthinking insult we puny humans tossed their way.

Heck, when I used to chum around with salmon fishermen up in Canada and Alaska, they even referred to the sea as the “salt chuck” – because they literally chucked all waste overboard, from onboard trash and fish waste to human feces.

Water Woes: Californians Begging Rain Gods to Fill Reservoirs – Again!

There’s seemingly no end to the water woes and worries for Californians. Indeed, if current demographic and climatic trends persist, these woes will only worsen in the future … and severely.

Violating Nature’s Thresholds Cannot Continue

Starting in the 19th century, humanity crossed over numerous thresholds into unfamiliar territory with an unknown outcome. The steam engine started the ball rolling in the 1800s with locomotives and sprawling factories that mass produced products.

Endangered: California Living

A crowded classroom in which your child is not getting the attention he needs. A dustbowl in Central Valley where there once was farmland. Lack of jobs and Southern California traffic jams. These are just some of the issues that concern many Californians. These issues that threaten our way of life seem disconnected, but all originate from overpopulation.

More People → More Energy Use → More Water Use → Energy vs. Water

The California and U.S. populations are bursting at the seams and so is their insatiable hunger for energy.  Because vested interests block them from reducing immigration and stabilizing their populations, in each of recent decades some 4-6 million new energy consumers in California and 27-33 million nationally have been added to our already swollen ranks. 

California’s Toilet-to-Tap Water Future – 'Soylent Green' or Clean?

“Soylent Green is people!” cried Charlton Heston’s character – detective Robert Thorn – in the memorable closing scene of the 1973 sci-fi cult classic film Soylent Green. In this overpopulated, dystopian future vision, a polluted New York City is a hellhole besieged by 40 million long-suffering residents. Coincidentally, 40 million is the number of long-suffering residents California is approaching.

The population equation: lack of water

"The raging monster upon the land is population growth. In its presence, sustainability is but a fragile theoretical construct. To say, as many do, that the difficulties of nations are not due to people but to poor ideology and land-use management is sophistic," said Harvard biologist Dr. E.O. Wilson.

U.S. Forest Service Report Projects Population Growth Will Dramatically Reduce Water and Open Space

On December 18, the U.S. Forest Service released its report that analyzed resource management trends and challenges for the next 50 years. The study predicts that growing population and increased urban sprawl will lessen water supplies, reduce available open space as well as prime forest land including privately owned forestland.

Global Leaders Agree: Overpopulation Will Lead to Acute Water Shortages

In 1993, then President Bill Clinton established the Council on Sustainable Development. The council’s goal was to stabilize the United States’ population through prudent immigration policies that would include eliminating illegal immigration as well as studying the relationship of increased immigration to environmental degradation.

As if 9 Billion People Weren't Enough

Maria FotopoulosEnvironmentalists such as former Vice President Al Gore have continued to sideline the overpopulation issue by citing estimates that global population will stabilize around 9 billion.