What if Brown’s Right about Winter Wildfires ‘the new normal’?

thomas fire rages is California
Census Bureau projects show Santa Barbara at increasing risk from wildfire loss.

California Wildfires: People Overage, Water Shortage

In An Otherwise Divisive Election Year, Last November American Voters United to Approve more than $6 Billion for Local Parks, Natural Areas

And Californians Did Their Part

Aided and Abetted by Humans, Wildfires are Torching Canada, California, the Planet

Ironies abound as a massive forest fire, nicknamed “the Beast,” recently brought tar sands production to a halt in the Canadian province of Alberta. It’s been more than two weeks since the Beast roared through Fort McMurray and its surroundings with 200-foot high flames destroying everything in their hellish path.

California’s Imperiled Population

As a wildlife biologist, it’s only natural that I write volumes on how a massive and rapidly growing human population in California and elsewhere is imperiling wildlife populations and the habitats they need to survive.

Extreme Weather & Wildfires: the Population Connection

Droughts and dry seasons play their part in wildfires. With climate change, we can expect more of all three.

GAO Confirms Link Between Aliens and Arizona Wildfires

The U. S. Government Accountability Office released its study this week that has linked 30 fires that started during a five-year period to illegal aliens. Read the complete report here.

The GAO findings vindicated Senator John McCain who earlier this year said that Arizona fires are often caused by illegal border crossers. The Hispanic lobby immediately charged McCain with scapegoating.

Today, however, McCain could---and did---gloat. After his office released the report, McCain said: