women issues

August 2015 BLS Report: Female Workers Losing Ground to Immigrants

Women hoping to work to supplement the family income or to replace lost incomes when their husbands were fired or laid off had a rough August. Ditto for young college female graduates trying to land their first job, current university enrollees who want to offset their rising tuition costs or retirees seeking to generate extra cash to meet expenses.

More Medical Practitioners Can Now Deliver More Women’s Services

On October 9, Gov. Brown signed a new California law – AB 154 – that will allow physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse-midwives to provide first trimester abortions using the most-common method.

What Happened to 'Do No Harm?'

Walking around “wound up” half the time is bad for our health. But these days I find myself wound up way too often. The bad news for women around the world is troubling, upsetting, alarming and relentless.

Violence Against Women and Girls

Domestic violence is the most widespread form of violence against women: studies in 35 countries suggest that one quarter to one half of all women have been physically abused by a current or former partner.