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On World Population Day, Ignorance and Apathy Rule

July 11 is World Population Day. Originally conceived in 1989 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), this global event aims to focus the world’s attention on the importance and urgency of population issues. It seeks to raise greater awareness of population, including its bearing on such vital topics as the environment, development, migration and sustainability.

World Vasectomy Day 2016: Yes Virginia, Family Planning is for Men Too

Contrary to the hopes of those who care about an environmentally sustainable future for humanity and the biosphere, world population growth is actually speeding up, not slowing down.

According to the demographers at the respected Population Reference Bureau in Washington, D.C, approximately 90 million people have been added to the planet’s population since last year, at the average rate of 246,000 more humans (net, or births minus deaths) every single day.

Today is World Population Day

As critical an issue as population growth is to the future of people and the planet, it is typically given short shrift by the press, politicians and pundits.

Only when we breach boundaries like “7 billion” (for the world) or “300 million” (United States) is there any self-reflection at all, and even then, most of it in the popular press amounts to little more than cheerleading for unsustainable, perpetual growth.

Population Ignored Yet Again; This Time at Recent Paris Talks

Every human being on Earth emits carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHGs), both directly and indirectly. Every time each of the 7.4 billion of us alive today exhales – trillions of daily exhalations in aggregate – we add a tiny net increment of CO2 to the atmosphere because of the physiological process of respiration in which all animals (and plants too) engage.

Today is World Vasectomy Day!

Snip to Save the Earth

As a proud recipient of a vasectomy in 1997, a year after the birth of my second child, I am pleased to see that World Vasectomy Day (WVD) is now in its fourth year, scheduled for today, Friday, November 13.

Celebrating Responsible Men and Giving Them their Voice in Family Planning

In Iran, men wanting vasectomies won’t have access, now that the government has banned surgical, permanent birth control methods, and any “violators” will be punished.

Overpopulation and Chaos: Youth Bulges and Failing States

When demographers refer to a “youth bulge” they are not referring to the recent epidemic of obesity among American youngsters. Rather, they are describing a phenomenon that characterizes societies with explosive population growth – an excessively high proportion of the population that is young.

Specifically, the youth bulge refers to a disproportionately high percentage of a country’s population between the ages of 15 and 24. Usually, this also is associated with a greater percentage of the population under 14.

Overpopulated ≠ Overcrowded

Many folks conflate overpopulation with overcrowding, but while the two terms do overlap, they are far from synonymous.

Projected U.S. Population Growth Greater Than All Other Developed Countries Combined

Most CAPS supporters and readers of this blog probably sense intuitively – and correctly – that the U.S. population is increasing faster – adding more people – than any other developed country on Earth.

Figures from the 2013 World Population Data Sheet of the authoritative Washington, D.C.-based Population Reference Bureau (PRB) give an idea of just how far out of whack projected U.S. population growth is compared with all other industrialized countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Bad News for Girls in Overpopulated India, China

A daughter is a burden on her father’s head.

                                                             – common Hindi saying