Trump Lets Down Summer Job-Seeking Teens; J Visa Rolls on

Bloomberg News recently ran a story that asked “Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore?” The story listed a host of valid reasons. Older Americans have crowded teens out of the job market, or since summer pay is too low to make a dent in college tuition, parents are encouraging their children to volunteer to beef up their college resumes. Some students elect to study rather than work.

Brown Protects Certain Youth from Deportation, Even as Few are Being Deported

This month, Gov. Jerry Brown signed yet another bill that protects illegal immigrants from deportation. Assembly Bill 899 requires that records for those in the juvenile justice system remain confidential “regardless of the juvenile’s immigration status,” and also prohibits the disclosure and dissemination of juvenile information to federal officials unless a juvenile court grants permission.

Young, Hip, Leftie Journalists & Enviros Are Often Clueless About Immigration-Overpopulation-Environment Connection

In my two decades in the trenches, as a somewhat reluctant warrior in our country’s seemingly endless and intractable skirmishes over the interconnected issues of immigration, overpopulation and the environment, I have noticed a disturbing trend: All too many 20-something and 30-something reporters, bloggers and environmental activists seem oblivious to the interconnections between these issues.

University of Mexico, Anyone?

Ten years ago, California passed the Immigrant Higher Education Act that gives in-state tuition rates at public colleges to students who complete three years at a local high school and earn a diploma or the equivalent, even though they may be illegal immigrants.

Youth Unemployment

Marilyn DeYoungA recent News release from the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics gave a sad picture for our American teenagers and college students looking for work.

Musical Chairs

As children we all played the game of "Musical Chairs."