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Trump Lets Down Summer Job-Seeking Teens; J Visa Rolls on

Bloomberg News recently ran a story that asked “Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore?” The story listed a host of valid reasons. Older Americans have crowded teens out of the job market, or since summer pay is too low to make a dent in college tuition, parents are encouraging their children to volunteer to beef up their college resumes. Some students elect to study rather than work.

Summer 2015: American Youth Shut Out

A website that specializes in placing temporary foreign-born workers in summer jobs inadvertently proves why critics oppose the J-1 visa. Regardless of the season, the placement agency offers employers young workers from “more than 15 countries” who will come to the U.S. as part of the discredited “Work and Travel U.S.” program. Touted as a valuable foreign exchange, goodwill building tool that will enhance international relationships, Work and Travel U.S.

Number of Stay-at-Home Young Adults Continues Increasing

Large numbers of young adults are remaining at home after they complete their education. A recent study by the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. found that “The share of young people living with their parents has increased relative to pre-recession rates for all labor force status groups. The share of 18-to-34-year-olds living at home might not fully return to pre-recession rates....

High Immigration Major Contributor to ‘Disconnected Youths’ Unemployment

An October 27 story in The Washington Post spelled out the jobs crisis facing American youth age 16-24. Despite an allegedly improving economy, rising high school graduation rates and steadily declining unemployment, Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that the percentage of young people who are neither working nor going to school is virtually unchanged nationwide from its nationwide 14 percent level in 2011.

Replacing Laborers with Robots

Fast food workers are demanding higher wages for the hard work they do. Some call for an increase of their pay rate, near minimum wage, to as much as $15 an hour, and a number of worker advocates agree, saying the solution is to raise the minimum wage toward that amount.

July Youth Unemployment Report Has Same Old Bad News: No Jobs!

When it comes to employment, young Americans, including recent college graduates, can’t get a break. One report after another indicates that fewer young adults have full-time jobs than at any time in the recent past.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Latest Report: 2012 Worst Year for Youth Employment “On Record”

Here’s the latest on the scandalous story about the Hershey Company and its abuse of the J-1 visa. As reported last week, the Hershey Company used about 400 J-1 visa holders, supposedly on a “cultural exchange program,” to work in its warehouses, lift 50 pound crates for long hours while earning a $6-$8 hourly wage. The story made national headlines when the Hershey workers, also foreign-born students from Romania, Nigeria, China, Ukraine and Poland walked off their jobs and staged public demonstrations.