Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Birthright Citizenship

(Candidates listed in alphabetical order)


Hillary Clinton

Opposes ending automatic birthright citizenship.
Asked about ending automatic birthright citizenship in Iowa, Clinton criticized such proposals, "It's hard to imagine being more out-of-touch or out-of-date. But all the over-the-top rhetoric does throw the choice in this election into stark relief."

Ted Cruz

Supports ending automatic birthright citizenship.
"We should end granting automatic birthright citizenship to the children of those who are here illegally.” http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/ted-cruz-ending-birthright-citizenship-view-i-have-long-held-n412766
"I think birthright citizenship as a policy matter doesn't make sense.”

John Kasich

Opposes ending automatic birthright citizenship.
Gov. Kasich cosponsored legislation to end birthright citizenship while in Congress, but has since changed his mind. “I’m not for [ending automatic citizenship] anymore. Let these people who are born here be citizens, and that’s the end of it. I don’t want to dwell on it.”

Marco Rubio

Opposes ending automatic birthright citizenship.
Asked about ending birthright citizenship, Sen. Rubio said, "I'm open to doing things that prevent people who deliberately come to the U.S. for purposes of taking advantage of the 14th Amendment, but I'm not in favor of repealing it."

Bernie Sanders

Opposes ending automatic birthright citizenship.
Sen. Sanders has not acted to end automatic birthright citizenship while he has been in Congress.

Donald Trump

Supports ending automatic birthright citizenship.
“End birthright citizenship. This remains the biggest magnet for illegal immigration. By a 2:1 margin, voters say it’s the wrong policy.”
“The child [of an illegal immigrant mother] automatically becomes an American citizen, Though this was NEVER the intention of the Fourteenth Amendment.... The clear purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment… was to guarantee full citizenship rights to now emancipated former slaves. It was not intended to guarantee untrammeled immigration to the United States."
Time to Get Tough, Donald Trump, pages 140-141


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